About Us

Digital Film and video

Whether it is a whimsical fantasy, a serious documentary, or a web video designed to sell a product, film and video are extraordinary ways of getting information out to your audience. In todays digital world, this has become even easier. However, not everyone has the know-how to put the information out there in a creative way that can entice your audience.

Gobbum Productions is a small family and friend based company that is evolving more and more with each film. Our aim is to build up tools, knowledge and experience with each project to better ourselves in filmmaking with a grassroots approach to success.

We're honest

We want to provide you with a product you are satisfied with in the end. If you inquire about a project and we feel that we can't meet your needs, we will tell you up front. 

Stay with us

In the interests of our paid projects possibly being copyrighted by our clients, we cannot always have our latest final videos available to view on the site. Our youtube channel showcases some of our earliest work, but we have grown so much over the last few years that our earlier works will seem much more amateur than our current capability level. Stay with us and more videos will come in time.