Night Guest

In Gobbum's first venture into the horror/thriller realm, a rare, relaxing evening home alone for a young woman becomes a terrifying ordeal when an unexpected visitor arrives.

(Some mild language / suggestive dialogue).

Farewell My Monkey

Detective Al Ergy takes a case that takes him through a web of deceit and murder in this 1940s style detective film.

A List of Things You Shouldn't Do At the Movies

Have you ever been annoyed by someone being disruptive at the movie theater? So has this guy.

(Some violence presented in a cartoonish way)

Better Crypts and Castles

Forever the entrepreneur, Count Downe hosts his own infomercial to advertise his new energy drink. Special guest: Marsha Stewart

This film won an award for best use of criteria "Countdown" (or in our case "Count Downe") in the Tacoma 253 Film competition in 2014

Restoring Captain Chrono

Gobbum's second award winning film, 

Restoring Captain Chrono is a fictional "crowd source" attempting to get the required funds to restore a vintage serial film hero's lost adventure.

This film won an award (tied) for best editing in the Wait A Minute Film Competition in Tacoma.

Octavius Van Damme vs Thaddius Foster Kane

Thaddius Foster Kane is just trying his best to get to work on time, but his arch nemesis Octavius Van Damme just won't have it.

We at Gobbum find this to be among our favorite comedies we have produced.

State of Mind (AKA: In the Name of Science)

A scientist decides to test the validity of various superstitions by following his test subjects around and recording their superstitious encounters.

We at Gobbum find this to be among our favorite comedies we have produced.