Custom Video and Editing Services

Custom Digital Video Projects

We can put together a custom short based on your specifications. Generally, we ask that you have a script or outline of what you would like. From here we can work together to create your custom short film.

High Quality Graphics

Polish up your short with custom titles and graphics. A title goes a long way to making your video look more professional. We've got that covered. Have your own logo? In most cases we can add the logo to your footage with little to no modification. Want beginning or end credits for those featured in the film? No problem.

Editing Services

Of course no film or video would be complete without editing. Many in the business feel that this is truly where a movie is made. Editing can set the tone and pace of your film. We will edit your video to your specifications and can also add our own flare as needed to make your film look great. We can edit existing footage into a video we are shooting for you in most cases. Also, if you have everything filmed already, but need someone to edit it together professionally, just ask for a quote.

Contact Us

Looking for pricing? Please contact us with a brief description of your project so we can provide you with an estimate.

We can come to your event

Gobbum is based in Tacoma, Washington, but travel arrangements can be made

depending on the time of the year.

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